Please take a look at these unique non-mass produced pens. After you have decided on which pen, you would like, please continue to select the type of wood, you want.

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A wider and more robust pen which is the modern day fountain pen with the convenience of a ball point pen.

One advantage of this pen is that the ink permeates the paper thus making forgeries and changing the amount on checks harder.

The top unscrews and can be screwed to the lower part. It comes with a black cartridge of ink.

A blue cartridge is available. One of our customers uses this for his "original" documents.

This pen ships in a cylindrical plastic case.

Replacement cartridges are available through us also.

Retail price  40.00

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Custom Wood Rollerball Pens for A Superb Writing Experience

Hand turned wooden roller ball pens with classic executive style

Rollerball pens combine the classic two-piece design of a fountain pen with the convenience of the modern ball point to create a modern classic with an aura of distinction. Our handmade wooden roller pens take the stately rollerball to a new level of exclusivity which may command attention whenever one is taken out to sign documents. The robust shape of our handcrafted executive pens makes them ergonomic for larger hands, and the practical, businesslike design combines with the luxurious sheen of natural wood to create a unique statement of sophistication that sets these rollerballs apart. 

State your business in sophisticated style with custom wood rollerball pens from Wood Turned Pens.