Cigar Pens

Please take a look at these unique non-mass produced pens. After you have decided on which pen, you would like, please continue to select the type of wood, you want.

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This pen is a very hefty and thicker more masculine pen. It looks very similar to a cigar in shape. It is also very well balanced. There is no problem grasping this pen. It turns either to the right or left and the classic Parker refill is ready to use.

A father or supervisor will greatly appreciate this fine writing instrument.

It ships in a cylindrical plastic case

Retail price $60.00

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Hand Turned Cigar Pens: Wooden Pens with a Masculine Touch

Handcrafted cigar pens make unique executive & corporate gifts

Our handmade wooden cigar pens are reminiscent of the shape of a cigar, making them easier for some people to hold and write with. The additional heft and thickness of these pens make them a popular executive pens, and our hand turned wood cigar pens add the beauty of the natural wood grain. These custom made cigar pens are made from your choice of a wide variety of woods, including domestic woods like maple and walnut, or exotic woods like ebony or cocobolo. Get one for yourself, or for an executive gift with a distinctive allure of turned wood.

Command attention in the boardroom with custom wood cigar pens from Wood Turned Pens.