May I specify the shape of the slimline pencil?

You may in that we understand you may have some special needs

      a wider pencil/pen for easier gripping

      Pen/pencil with a “”bulb” on the end for people with arthritis in their hands

May I specify a type of wood?

Yes, but if we have to special order the wood, there will be additional costs.

Do we turn antler or acrylic pens?

No, we only work with wood.

Do you have cases for your pens?

Yes, we have three basic styles

      A simple case for the slimline pens and pencils.              Cost $2.00 additional

      A simple round case for the bigger pens                          Cost $2.50 additional

      A rectangular box for pen and pencil sets                         Cost $4.50 additional

Do you have ink cartridges for your pens?

Yes, we do stock cartridges for our pens.

Do you wholesale your pens and pencils to organizations?

We are not a mass producers. We will will considers small orders of ten or fewer. Please remember each pen may be different in shape and wood species if you choose and we accept this option




Return Policy
These pens are hand crafted. The wood may have some minor flaws such as knots that do not show up until we have turned them. We will guarantee they will write and function properly. If they do not, we will exchange them. You will pay the return shipping. Please state what was wrong with the instrument. We will pay for the replacement pen or pencil shipping charges.

 Backorder Policy
If we do not have a particular wood in stock, with your approval, we may substitute a similar wood. If we have to special order the wood blanks, we will notify you when you have place the order.

Shipping Policies
The pens and pencils will be sent in a bubble wrapped envelope within the continental USA via parcel post. We are charging for this. We can ship by other methods if you want to absorb the additional cost.

Damaged Goods Policy
If the shipper damages the goods, you will have to do the claim. We inspect and package them before shipping.