Pro Sets

The Pro Pen set consists of two click devices. The pen uses a Schaffer liquid gel refill and the pencil uses 0.7 leads. Both are more heftier than the slimline pencils.They are also easier to hold for those with larger hands.

The set ships in a rectangular box and is ready for wrapping.

Retail $65.00

Pencil is uses a 0.7 lead.

The exterior metal parts are 24 ct gold plated.

It ships in cylinder container

Retail $35.00

This is the only click pen in my product selection.

The exterior metal products are 24 ct gold plated.

It takes  a Parker  gel refill.

It ships in a cylindrical container.

Retail $35.00

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Unique Handmade Wood Pens & Luxury Pen Sets

Custom hand turned pens make great gifts for executives

These elegant slender executive pens are designed to be a stylish accessory for discriminating executives. Made from your choice of hardwoods like maple, walnut, or ebony, these handcrafted wooden pens feature details like 24 carat gold plated metal hardware, and take readily available Parker refills. Our turned wood pens and office pen sets make for creative gift ideas for men, or as corporate gifts for exceptional performance. Each wooden pen is a completely unique item with no two looking exactly alike.

Make an executive statement with handcrafted pens from

Wood Turned Pens.