Purse Hangers and Key Rings

This key ring has a metal tube for storing toothpicks, dollar bills, etc.  The top unscrews for storage.You  have the choice of wood and  shape.

Retail price $20.00

Middle row: The key ring clip has a wood insert and a “glitz” ring around it. It is available in gold.

The money clips are shown in gold and chrome and also have a wood insert in them and can be engraved for a personal touch

Retail price key ring $15.00 Money clip $15.00

All these Purse hangers have either a chrome or gold finish. The insert can be engraved for a  personal touch.You can chose type of  wood. They include a  black felt pouch for storage.

Retail price $25.00

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Handmade Custom Purse Hooks & Hand Turned Wood Key Fobs

Handcrafted wooden purse hangers, custom key fobs, and turned wood money clips
make stylish functional accessories and great gifts

Most people have accessories they use on a daily basis that are functional, but lack any style or inspiration. Our handmade wooden key ring fobs and money clips combine straightforward function with gorgeous natural materials and inspired craftsmanship that you'll admire every day you use them. Crafted from beautiful natural woods like maple and walnut, our purse hooks look great while they are holding purses out of the way, and our hand turned key fobs in ebony or cocobolo offer a tactile feel that enhances the deep sheen of the natural wood. These ingenious key fobs also feature a hidden compartment for storing small items or emergency cash. Our custom money clips and purse hooks can be engraved, making them especially thoughtful gift ideas.

Enjoy finely crafted everyday items with hand turned accessories from Wood Turned Pens.