Slim Sets

This narrow twist style pen is very popular and permits us to create various shapes. It can be easily modified for those with special needs such as a "bulb" for arthritic needs or thicker for those who like a wider pen at the bottom of the pen

The pens have a lock twist mechanism that accepts a Cross@-style refill.

These pens can be combined with the slimline pencils to make a set.

There is a rectangular plastic case for individual pens included in the price.

Replacement cartridges are available from us.

Retail Price $30.00

A set consists of a Slimline pen and pencil

The Slimline click pencils have a 0.5 lead in them.  The Slimline twist pens have a Cross type refill in them.

They are cut out of the same piece of wood and therefore match. You can chose not only the wood but also the shape of the pen.

They come in a rectangular box and are ready for wrapping.

Retail Price $55.00

This Slimline click pencil has a 0.5 lead . It matches the slimline pen.

It ships in a rectangular box.

Retail Price $30.00

Click to View Types of Woodtypesofwoods.htmlshapeimage_15_link_0

These wood pen shapes are created with a special machine.

These are available in either chrome or gold trim finish.

You can choose the wood and design.

Pens are $35.00           2 for $30.00  ea

Handmade Executive Pens & Wooden Pen Sets

Custom wood pens for elegant executive and graduation gifts

Wood slimline pens combine the refinement of executive pens with the unique qualities of handcrafted wooden pens. Since no two of these handmade pens will ever be alike, each pen will be an exclusive object of craftsmanship, which makes them perfect gifts for those going into professional fields, or to commemorate accomplishments in the office. Also available in sets which include mechanical pencils, these luxury turned wood pens can be made in a variety of designs and with your choice of exotic woods like ebony and cocobolo.

Bring a refined style to your writing with slimline wooden pens from Wood Turned Pens.