Stylus Sets


This 4-3/8” non marking light weight device can be used on most touch screen devices. It works great for scrolling, drawing programs, and signing receipts for purchases and keeps your screen clean.

It has a capacitive  silicone soft tip for soft responsive touch.

It is available in a jewelry chrome or a 24 ct. gold finish.

It clips easily into your pocket or onto the magnetic cover of an iPad.

You can choose the type of wood

retail price

$25.00 ea.

Mini Stylus

The 2 3/8 inch long mini stylus plugs into the earphone jack or your pad or telephone with a lanyard. Now available in either chrome or gold finish.

It  works with most touch screen devices. You don’t have to take your gloves off to use it and your screen doesn’t get dirty.

You can choose the wood and shape.

retail price

$20.00 ea  

2 for $35.00

Stylus Pen

A stylus pen consists of a chrome or 24 ct gold Slimline pen with a stylus tip  above the pocket clip so it will work on touchscreen devices

Twist the bottom you have a Cross style refill ball point pen.

The dual purpose pen can be called my “swipe and write pen”.

You can choose the type of wood

retail price

$45.00 ea   

2 for $85.00

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Sculpted/Laminated Stylus Pen

The sculpted styli/pen and  are hand turned with a special machine.

The laminated pen is is made with three pieces of wood.

Both pens are our “swipe and write  instruments”.  

The trip metal clips and bands are available in chrome or gold.

Sculpted Styli are $30.00             2 for $25.00 ea

Sculpted and Laminated pen are

                             $50.00             2 for $45.00 ea

Handmade Wooden Stylus Pens For Tablet & iPhone

Hand turned wood styluses for easier and more precise touchscreen writing

Touchscreens on smartphones and tablet computers are very convenient, allowing you to use your fingertips instead of a mouse, but many users will have an even better experience with a capacitive stylus designed for touch screen use. Aside from looking great, and being a unique item that will command the attention of your friends, a handcrafted wooden touchpad stylus offers you more precise control of the screen, allowing for faster typing, and more precise drawing, designing, or even gaming. In addition to full size and mini capacitive styluses, we also make handy turned wood stylus pen combo designs to let you flow between writing on your screen and on paper.

Enjoy more precise control of your touchscreen with wooden stylus pens
from Wood Turned Pens.