Teacher Pens

Please take a look at this unique non-mass produced pen. After you have decided on which pen, you would like, please continue to select the type of wood, you want.

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 A narrow pen features three types of wood. The ends of pens are usually are red and black for matching ink cartridges. Recently we have added green and light colored woods for green and stylus cartridges.  Foray ink cartridges will work with this pen.

This is the only pen which does not have a pocket clip.

This will ship with a rectangular plastic box.

Retail price $35.00

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Multi Color Pens for Teachers for Quick and Easy Grading

Handmade double ended pens combine functionality with beautiful turned wood

Grading papers can be a tedious task for teachers made more inefficient by the need to switch back and forth from red ink for marking student papers, to black ink for recording grades in a ledger. Our handcrafted turned wood grading pens let teachers get through grading tasks efficiently, with a flip of the pen. These custom wood pens are lifesavers for anyone who has to grade papers, so they make wonderful gifts for teachers. Each grading pen comes with a red tip and a black tip that accept standard cartridges, or you can request one side to include a capacitive stylus for recording grades on a tablet.

Grade papers more efficiently with double sided teacher pens from Wood Turned Pens.