Two Way Pens

Please take a look at these unique non-mass produced pens. After you have decided on which pen, you would like, please continue to select the type of wood, you want.

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A cigar shaped pen. Twist it one way, it becomes a black ink pen, Twist it the other way,

it becomes a red ink pen or a stylus.

The stylus could be used on some PDAs or touch screen computers. Some electronic bingo cards also can use them. The pen ships in a cylinder plastic case. Replacement cartridges are available through us.

Retail price $35.00

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Handmade Wood Two Way Pens and Touch Screen Stylus Pen Combos

Two way pens with styluses combine modern functionality with old world craftsmanship

Less than a decade ago, a pen may have been the only writing implement you needed to conduct your daily business. But now, it is possible that you'll do just as much writing with a stylus pen as you do with an ink pen. To accommodate this change, we offer our multi-color twist pens with the option of a capacitive stylus instead of a second color ink tip. Of course, we also offer our conventional two way pens which twist one way for black ink, and the other for red ink—great for professionals who need to frequently mark up documents for revision. For those who frequently work with their tablets or smartphones, our two way pens with styluses provide for more precise control of their touchscreen devices.

Enjoy increased functionality with handcrafted two way pens from Wood Turned Pens.